Ehnasia is One of The Centers Belonging to the Beni Suef

  • New Cairo, Egypt
  • Ehnasia” is One of The Centers Belonging to the Beni Suef Governorate, and it is located West of the City of Beni Suef, and it was the Capital of Egypt During the Era of the Ninth and tenth dynasties for a period of nearly two centuries, from 2242 to 2452 BC ( Before Christ ).
  • Ancient Egypt Gained Wide Fame in the Field of Medicine and Herbal Medicine and Left us the Most important Documents, as the Ancient writings and Chests on The Walls of Temples and The Remnants of Herbs That were Found Beside Embalms Testify That The Ancient Egyptians used Herbs Since 3000 Years BC.
  • The Papyrus Rolls in The Tombs Contained Treasures of information about The use of Medicinal Plants in the Treatment of Patients.
  • The Most Famous of These Papyri are the Cahoon, Smith and Hearst Papyri and the London and Berlin Papyri.
  • The papyrus ((Ebers)) Remains one of the most important Egyptian Manuscripts That Discusses Herbal Medicine, Which is One of the Oldest Medical Papyrus Ever Found so Far, as it Dates Back to 1552 BC.