Ehnasia is One of The Centers Belonging to the Beni Suef

  • New Cairo, Egypt

Homer or Humorous is a Legendary Greek Epic Poet Indicates in His Famous Book (The Odyssey) That People in Egypt are Gifted ( Tallanted ) in Medicine, Medicinal Plants More Than Others, and That Their Medicine was Superior to Other Sciences. Other Than What you are Assigned to.”

And Hatshepsut (One of the Kings of The Pharaohs) Sent a Mission to Somalia and Abyssinia to Bring Flowers.

Radishes Were Also Found in The Tombs Of the Twelfth Dynasty. As for its Juice, They Used it as Drops for The Ears.

Chenopodium was Also Found.

It was mentioned in the papyri that they used bitter melon, thyme ,saffron, linden, garlic, onions, lupine, fenugreek, sycamore, olive oil, sesame, juniper, poppy, pomegranate, nigella, anise, cumin, willow, mint and castor.

And the love of cardamom, barong, and others…